experienced in-house Recruiters

Recruitment Process Outsourcing assumes all or part of its recruitment processes to the client company. RPOs can provide its own recruiters or may assume the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting resources.

Technologies and processes are deployed to provide your organization with highly comprehensive reports on total activity, making it far easier to understand what is happening, what is working/not working and how things can be improved.
With our experienced recruiters, clients are likely a see a reduction in time-to-hire. Our team will assist with ATS implementation, employer branding strategies, candidate closing efforts and train hiring teams to identify areas of improvement in the interview process.

What are the benefits of working with Engage Recruiting?

Led by a team of experienced in-house Recruiters and HR, we can identify and understand the different needs of each company, structuring our support to provide multiple solutions that fit each respective scale and financial budget.

Engage Recruiting’s service is not limited to filling open positions. While that is a primary goal, we seek to help our clients improve the people, processes and technology of the recruiting effort. Engage Recruiting is a strategic partner, and we aim to provide long-term working relationships with each company that we work with. We are not a transitional service, which is often associated with contingency firms.
able to adapt to your business

Scale Services to Your Needs

We can increase or decrease our support depending on the needs of our clients.

As hiring ramps up, we can increase the number of recruiters to support our client’s growth. If the client’s staffing needs are met or recruiting becomes less of priority, we can redeploy our recruiters, thereby reducing the cost for the client. This is particularly helpful for smaller companies with limited hiring needs and may not need a full-time, internal recruiter.

efficient solutions

Decrease in recruiting costs

The amount of cost reduction depends on the client’s current recruiting structure.

Engage Recruiting will work with our clients to identify areas of improvements. Clients that work with contingency recruiting firms will see a cost reduction while seeing improvements in the quality of the candidates. Clients supplementing or completely outsourcing an in-house recruiting model may not see as much savings in the immediate terms, but will see improvements in the quality of hires, process improvements, and flexibility which ultimately will reduce the cost of hire.

quality recruits

Highest quality candidates

As former in-house recruiters, we understand the impact that a good hire can make on the organization.

A bad hire can be a costly mistake, not only from a financial standpoint, but also from an organization and culture impact. We work closely with the hiring managers and hiring teams to understand the requirements of the role, but we will also work closely with our candidates to ensure that the role fits with the candidates’ expectations. We take a long-term approach that increases the positive experience for both hiring teams and candidates.